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Medvind create experiences that inspire and impress - We deliver excellence for our clients, their participants and society at large

Human beings have an innate social desire to come together. Collectively we witness, we celebrate, we laugh and we live. At Medvind, we work to create the most positive and real experiences for our clients.

At Medvind, we are dedicated to creating your event the way you want it, because this is what we love. In our hands, your guests will feel valued. With our expertise, your concepts will surprise and excite. We ensure a flawless technical element and refreshments that are served with style.

There are plenty of reasons companies decide to host events. Whether it is to celebrate performance, launch a product or to strengthen organisational culture.

A company event is an extension of their product or services and it needs to reflect their standards and principles. Nowadays, organisations seek to create a lasting and memorable experiences. Regardless of an event’s nature, we always aim to reflect your values and communicate your strategy.

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Medvind in the wind

Medvind Event Agency was founded by Joakim Moe Røisland in 2001 and throughout the years we have grown to a team of 13. It has been a busy and exciting journey in which we have worked with clients such as Avinor, Gassnova, The Research Council of Norway, Norad, VISA, Lederne, Tenka, DOGA, Nortura, Bislett Games, FAFO and NHO.

Thanks to a progressive past filled with challenges that we overcame, Medvind has been named a Gazelle-company. Our vision is to create impacting, ineffable events that must be experienced to be believed. It has been our guiding principle that has successfully led us through projects where societal and political messages have been the subject of focus.

We revel in projects of unusual or an unconventional nature as we are determined to push ourselves to be bolder and innovative.

We are experts at translating your message into your event experience. Our greatest strength is our ability to produce original and smart solutions for our clients that produce a memorable and magical experience – whether it is for dramaturgy, scenography, program content, technology, interaction, communication or any other part of the enactment. We are always looking for the right atmosphere, the meaning and the right situation. We want to move and touch, enrich and inspire.

We are committed and engaged with what is happening in society. It is our mission to create something that is greater than ourselves, something that brings value to all.

At Medvind, we are committed to both our clients and their guests. For these reasons, we have specialist knowledge that enables us to provide the right refreshments for the right people; whether it is food for the soul or for the body.

Equally important as our event management is our relationships with our clients. We feel this is reflected by not just our loyal customer base but also our wide network of sub-contractors and vendors who we have worked with for years.

With us you will get quality support from day one. We understand the critical role of project management as well as having a clear and defined understanding of the tasks at hand.

At Medvind, we have a passionate team of experienced professionals that are fully dedicated to their roles. Each individual brings their own unique knowledge and personality to a project.

The competence that it takes to make it

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The devil is in the details

The secret behind a successful event is simple; harmonize all the details to create a single masterpiece. So easy, yet so complicated. The pillars of our event competence are technical production, content development, production art, effective communication and professional project management.

Collaboration is the source of all good

We rely on our strong network of partners and sub-contractors and after many years in the business we have created a web of trusted experts, specialists and professionals alike. However, experience has taught us that our clients themselves often possess valuable expertise and resources and we look forward to teasing that out!

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Moving pictures are worth more than a thousand words

When the stage shines, the audience smile, the technique sits, the food pleases and our clients enjoy their evening – then we are happy.

Gullblyanten 2018

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Widerøe jubilerer

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Hotellåpning: The Thief

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Widerøe lansering nytt fly

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Oslo REDD Exchange 2018

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  • Gullblyanten

  • Selv for Medvind er det ikke dagligdags å ha isbjørnvakter på opprigg og prøver.

  • Gratulerer til Institutt for samfunnsforskning (ISF) som feiret 70 år i forrige uke. Medvind hadde gleden av fasilitere markeringen for 300 gjester, med innlegg fra ledende forskere fra Norge og USA og diskusjon om polarisering i samfunnet. Tusen takk for herlig oppdrag!

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